If you're here, it's likely that you're searching for answers to the deepest questions we humans get to ponder. Perhaps you know in your heart that we're meant for something more, that there is more to feel and experience in life and you just can't quite access that sense of 'enoughness'. If you're a seeker like most of us, you may be desperately searching to find ways of becoming

more centered, balanced and at peace.

Some of us just have curious natures while others have begun their search due to major life changes such as illness, divorce, loss of job, death of a family member, addictions and any other major transition in life. Your search may have also been triggered by long-held beliefs, traumas or can even be the result of an accumulation of daily stresses that tend to build up in our bodies.

So you're ready to let that go and feel more like yourself now, yes?

The goal of energy healing is to assist you in releasing traumas, emotions, other peoples energies that you may be carrying and unhealthy patterns of behavior that are held in your body and mind. The release of these energies assists you to function from a more clear, grounded and peaceful state of mind with a new found sense of lightness and ease.

If you feel depressed, confused, out of control, low in motivation or have fears and behaviors that limit your full life’s potential, a session is the perfect way to explore the blocks that hold you back.

More and more scientific research is finally being released in regards to how your emotions play a significant role in the quest for vibrant health. Spiritual Response Therapy identifies and supports you in clearing the root of your emotional blocks held in your subconscious, thus freeing you to create new, healthier and life-affirming beliefs with the space. 

All of my sessions are conducted by phone making my services accessible to those worldwide.

Curious to meet a clearer, lighter, more energized version of you?